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Ho, ho, ho!!

Happy holidays, everyone!


I hope you’ve had a warm and cozy Christmas, together with your loved ones!
As promised, today I’m posting the winner to my giveaway.
But first, I must be honest, I admit that I was shocked by the huge number of commenters! I mean, TWO comments?! Come on!! If there had been more than this I wouldn’t have been able to cope! (゜ロ゜)
I guess the questions were too much of a bother and the prize way too little to make people want to spend their time with a bit of writing.
The world stops for no one!…so we march forward. ( ̄▼ ̄*)
Still, I am very grateful to the two girls, Ana and Simona, who did leave a comment! If it weren’t for them someone would have been in a bit of a pickle right now! Teheheee!! (*^∀゜)
It’s really hard for me to reward only one of them as both of them deserve a prize!
But, as these were the rules, there has to be only the one…
Even the number generator was like “really dude?! you’re asking me to pick between 1 and 2?! are you frigging kidding me?!”. Hahahahaha! But in the end it did comply, and it chose no 1, Ana’s comment! Yeeeeey!! Congrats!!! (@ーεー@)
Thank you both for your great comments! I enjoyed reading them very much and I’m glad I got to know what you guys do/want to do to make things better for the environment!
PS: Simona, because you’ve been nice you’ll get something too (hint: something yummy (⌒.−) )!

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