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Surprise, surprise!

Hey there, guys!
I’m back, to reveal the surprise I mentioned in my last post!
And the surprise iiiis…A GIVEAWAY!!! Yeeeeeey!!
I bet it didn’t cross your mind, riiiiight?! ( ̄▼ ̄)

To celebrate soon to be three years since my facebook page came to be, the birth of this blog, the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebration, and simply just for the sake of celebrating, I am giving away, to one of my lovely readers, this original illustration – which I did a few weeks back for a contest!

If you want to win this pretty gal, all you have to do is leave a comment to this post with your reply to my next two questions:

What good lifestyle decisions do you make so that things might be a bit better for this little planet of ours?
What not so good (for this lil’ ol’ planet) lifestyle habits you know you have and want/try to get rid off?

I know the questions are a bit on the “heavy” side, but I really want to know how you guys are “fighting”, in your own way, for a brighter future for this planet we all call home. I also think that this way we could learn something from each other’s experience. d(^^*)
I’ll be sharing my own thoughts on the matter in the post where I’ll be announcing the winner.
You can post your comments until the end of Christmas (dec.25th-11:59pm).
The winner will be revealed on December 27!
One very important aspect of this giveaway! It really DOESN’T matter where you’re from, anyone can enter. The prize will be delivered via post wherever the winner lives!
Because all of your comments are equally important to me I will not be the one to choose the winner, it will be randomly picked with an online random number generator.
So this is it guys! I’ll be eagerly waiting for your comments! ۹(ÒہÓ)۶

4 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise!

  1. I love this illustration, actually i love everything on your blog.

    I am ashamed to admit the fact that right now i ain’t doing anything to help our planet.
    But in the future, because i know that pollution is a great threat to our home, i want to change my car with a hybrid or electric one (i would like to use a bicycle for transportation, but living outside the city, and the fact that there is no infrastructure for bicycle riders, makes it impossible for me).
    Also, i think that garbage is another big issue, so recycling is a very important thing and we all should be responsible of what we buy and how we deal with what we throw away: Stop buying things that we don’t need, stop buying products that are not wrapped in recyclable packaging, or stop buying too much food, that ends up in the garbage… we should be more aware of the damage that we make every single one of us, and do something about it.

    Thank you for this giveaway!!! i hope i wiiiiiin! :D :*

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  2. My favorite color is blue and this long haired cosmos nymph makes me quite happy looking at it.

    As for good decisions to help mother earth, I believe that working on one self through education in all domains you can make changes to the world around you. Another day to day decision is to try buying from wholesale markets and local farms where you can bring your own packaging and buy traditional and natural food and products.
    I would also like to be more proactive to support and educate our fellow earthlings through interactive projects to learn to lead a more healthier and happy life, because if people are truly happy, the planet is happy.

    My lifestyle habits that I’m trying to change is to buy less in general and document my purchases in advance so I know what I get and not just throw it away if it’s below expectations. I would like to worry less about money and concern myself more about quality of life and go out into nature more often.

    I love the way you made the hair like dancing clouds on top and flowing rivers at her feet. I hope to see more of your artwork. Great initiative Pika!

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