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Pumpkin, spice & everything nice!

I know guys, I know, I’ve been away for too long, again! >.<
It’s just that…there are so, so many things that I want to do and there isn’t enough time in a day to do them!
And believe you me, blogging takes a great deal of time (especially when writing in two languages!). It takes me more than half a day to write a post like this one (but then again, I do write at snail speed (*≧∀≦*) ).
Since the last time I’ve blogged there’s been a lot of magic happening in my little kitchen (by the way, does anyone know a magic spell so the dirty dishes would wash by themselves?!(ᗒᗨᗕ))!
It was the boyfriend`s birthday and I had to make cake, not one but two. Why two cakes you might ask? Well, because the boyfriend is obsessed with one particular cake, the so called “polenta” cake that he’ll never grow tired of (you can see it in this older facebook post).
So, I made one cake to be served to friends and family, this cute hedgehog looking pumpkin tiramisu, moistened with some home-made coffee liqueur, filled and topped with a coffee liqueur flavoured mascarpone-butter cream and sprinkled with plenty of cocoa powder and shaved dark chocolate.


And of course I had to do the almighty polenta cake (a mini one actually), made with pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice, drenched in orange and honey syrup, to be enjoyed only by the boyfriend. ( ̄▼ ̄)


It was the boyfriend’s mum birthday too, so did something for her as well, but no cake this time, instead I made some wintery decorated biscuits:
A few with matcha and moringa and others with cocoa and (the home-made) coffee liqueur, both decorated with white chocolate.
If you guys want the recipes for these sweet treats then comment and let me know and I’ll share them in a new post!
Cheers! (o^^o)

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