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My Saturday’s lunch

duck 5 spice3
I love five spice mix and I like duck! So, this Saturday I decided to combine the two and make a delicious crispy skin five spice duck breast.
Because I went berserk with the side dishes, just half of duck breast, for two servings, was sufficient.
I couldn’t enjoy this feast without a bit of my delicious home made ginger liquor!
duck 5 spice1
On weekends I make duck breast pretty often, but the side dishes are not always the same, I usually use what I’ve got on hand.
This is what I did this time round:
(on the square plate) a spinach salad with spicy peanut butter dressing and some toasted sesame seeds sprinkles;
next to it is some pickled daikon radish (the pink one is home made, it was pickled alongside beetroot hence the colour, and the yellow one (danmuji/takuan) is bought from  here);
duck 5 spice2
(in the big bowl) stir-fried sweet potatoes with spring onions and garlic chives, sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds;
to the left is a zucchini salad and, to the right, sautéed green beans and sweet peas.
duck 5 spice
Watching some anime while having this feast, for me, it’s the best way to enjoy the weekend!! ^__^

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